Below is a list of some of the ways the Uplands is used. If you are interested in using our facility, please visit our calendar to schedule your event or email us.

  • Nature Trails, Science
  • Conservation Projects
  • Boy Scout, Girl Scout and 4-H education and camping
  • Developing youth leaders
  • Using habitat projects to develop future conservationists
  • Prairie Restoration example
  • Family Field Days
  • Geo-caching
  • Photography
  • Camping
  • Shooting Sports/Archery (shotgun, clay throwers, archery, muzzle loading)

Leopold Education

  • Tree identification
  • Earth Partnership for Schools (EPS)
  • Prairie restoration training for teachers
  • KDWP programs: Archery in the Schools; Hunter Ed in the Schools
  • Field trips
  • School field trips
  • Leopold Educator Training

Hunter Education

  • Basic Hunter education classes
  • Advanced hunter education seminars & safety courses (pheasant, deer, dog training, archery, waterfowl, topic specific etc.)
  • Instructor workshops
  • Instructor Academies (regional)
  • National Instructor Rendezvous (multistate)
  • YHEC (Young Hunter Education Challenge)
  • Women on Target
  • Outdoor Woman


  • Education and habitat restoration and improvement
  • Safety education and other forestry demonstrations
  • Student involvement in inventorying
  • Teaching aid for hands-on experience in habitat restoration techniques

Hunting and Gun Range

The McPherson Valley Uplands Outdoor Life Center was designed as a supervised youth education and training center. As such, we do not allow public hunting or unsupervised use of firearms on the facility except during authorized Uplands events. Our gun range is limited to shotgun and small caliber firearms but is not open to the public. Our facility is used extensively by the public for hiking, nature walks and school events, so we carefully restrict firearms for everyone’s safety.

We hope you enjoy our facility during our many hunter safety courses, archer events, ladies outdoor days or by appointment. If your group wishes to use the facility, please schedule an event on our calendar.

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