About Us

The McPherson Area Chapter of Pheasants Forever and National Cooperative Refinery Association created the McPherson Valley Uplands Outdoor Life Center (“Uplands”) to benefit area youth. A new organization called McPherson Valley Uplands, Inc. has been formed to build and administer the project. The group’s mission is:

“To create a place for McPherson County and Kansas youth to learn and develop outdoor skills and an appreciation for wildlife and natural conservation.”

NCRA has donated use of a 46-acre tract north of Conway, Kansas, for the facilities. According to NCRA President, Jim Loving, “We are excited to be a part of this initiative and are fully supportive of the plans and mission of the group. NCRA is concerned about the environment and believes that providing a place to teach kids about wildlife habitat, conservation practices, and an appreciation for the environment will pay long-term dividends to our community.”

McPherson Valley Uplands, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation with a board of directors comprised of adult and youth members to direct development of the project. Our facility is designed to be an outdoor classroom for use by area groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, schools and others as a place to learn about wildlife, habitat and conservation. The existing farm ground offers a demonstration for area landowners to observe the benefits of using wildlife food plots, filter strips, and tree plantings to compliment agricultural use.

There is a growing realization nationally that kids do not have opportunities to appreciate and enjoy the outdoors and learn about nature. Our group wants to affect that trend in a positive way by providing a place for kids to simply go outside and enjoy nature in an unstructured way.

The Uplands is located one-half mile north of the town of Conway on Limestone Road and lies adjacent to the McPherson Valley Wetlands area. The site’s proximity to the Wetlands make it a preferred destination for school field trips and educational seminars. We also believe McPherson’s central location makes the facility attractive as a gathering place for wildlife educators throughout the state. Please feel welcome to use the Uplands.

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